1. 10.95
    Yum Seafood
    Fresh shrimp, squid, scallop and mussel infused with red onions, bell peppers, lemon grass, kaffir leaves, scallion and cilantro in spicy lime chili on a bed of lettuce



  1. 3.95
    Thai Spring Roll
    Wrapped with mixed vegetables, carrot, cabbage, sweet corn and served with Thai sweet chili sauce.
  2. 5.95
    Crab Rangoon
    Crunchy wonton flower stuffed with delicious crab meat, cream cheese, celery, carrot, green onion and curry powder
  3. 6.50
    Steamed Dumpling
    Mixed with ground pork, shrimp, crab meat, water chest nut, cilantro,mushroom, steamed and seved with arroy dumpling sauce
  4. 6.95
    Fresh Roll
    Rice paper wrapped with lettuce, basil, carrot, rice noodle, tofu and shrimp
  5. 6.50
    Chicken Satay
    Marinated chicken skewers grilled with our own spice, served water chestnut, mushroom, pan seared and serve with arroy gyoza sauce
  1. 5.95
    Mixed with ground pork, scallion, cilantro, cabbage,water chestnut, mushroom, pan seared and serve with arroy gyoza sauce
  2. 7.50
    Bangkok Wings
    Legs and Wings tossed in a spicy Thai sweet sauce.
  3. 6.50
    Winter Shrimp
    Shrimp wrap around, lightly fried, serve with sweet plum sauce
  4. 7.95
    Lettuce Wrap
    Seasoned ground chicken with Thai herbs, cashew nut, sweet onion, cabbage, carrot, crispy noodles, served with Thai peanut sauce
  5. 3.95
    Fried Tofu
    Delicious tofu fried to golden brown, served with sweet chili sauce topped with crushed peanuts